Lock Yourself In.

Whatever you need to do to fulfil your creative intention, make it inevitable and make it routine.images-53

I know inspiration meditation is a real boon for my creative work but it's challenging to maintain a daily practice at home, alone. So I volunteered to run a morning meditation at my local yoga centre. I can't dither – will I? won't I? soon? later? – when people waiting for me to turn up and facilitate the session.

Choreographyer Twyla Tharp has a taxi call to her house every morning at 6.30am to bring her to the gym. That gets her day in the right direction without thinking about it.

Jasper Johns brings in his studio assistant in Connecticut, at the start of his stay there each year, which usually lasts from just before Christmas to March. The assistant helps set up the studio, stretch the canvases, organise the paints… Then he leaves, and Johns is alone for weeks on end.

You don't have to go that far. But what needs to become inevitable and routine for you to fulfil your own creative intentions?