Creative Thought For Today: A Creative life Is More Like An Ocean Than A Pathway

Those interested in living a creative life often describe it as a journey. We use metaphors like the road less travelled, the river you can't enter twice. We think a lot about forward momentum.

That's only the most surface understanding of life and of what it is to consciously create.

In creative flow, we enter a different reality. We realize life is an ocean: a huge, fluid, ever-shifting expanse, full of strange, fascinating and colorful creatures, with dark depths no human has yet managed to probe.

Sending up wave after wave to its surface, no two the same, each melding one into the other, even as they flurry in different directions.

And beneath the surface ferment, a quiet, insistent, infallible tide, forever pressing forward but also being drawn back.

Like the ocean, life keeps on flowing, forwards and backwards, and won’t be contained.

The creativist, the person who wants to consciously create the stuff of life, needs to know that.

And to know that any time we want, we can surf it or sail it, float on its surface or dive in and immerse ourselves in its depths.