Latest From the Self-Publishing Advice Blog: AskALLi IndieVoices Broadcast

This week, among other things, AskALLi IndieVoices Broadcast in April covered topics including:

  • Cryptocurrency
  • The problems with giant middlemen like Google or Amazon coming between author and reader
  • Self-Publishing 3.0 and how authors can learn about it now
  • How authors can be vigilant against corporate control over blockchain

Other Self-Publishing Advice

This week’s Writing Collaboration Case Study is between a Romance Author and Rugby Player = Romance Novel in World of Sport – with Jane Harvey-Berrick & Stuart Reardon

Historical mystery writer Anna Castle interviewed professional narrator Joel Froomkin on how royalty share works from the narrators perspective

Our Self-publishing Success Story is Edie Claire after successfully transitioning from trade-published author to authorpreneur

ALLi Partner Member Edward Trayer explains how his bad experience of such awards led him to invent The Wishing Shelf Awards in Why I Set Up a New Book Award When Other Awards Let Indie Authors Down

And finally, as always, we come to Dan Holloway’s regular indie author news round-up. This week Google’s latest launch to help discover books; some exciting ALLi partnership news; Amazon, Kobo and Storytel’s latest updates; the voice of small independent UK presses who are asking for a fairer, more diverse way of doing things in the publishing industry; and more on Blockchain.

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