Latest News and Resources from ALLi – Week 26 2020

In this week’s highlights: What are the Industry Standards for Paperback Books?; Howard Lovy interviews Lorna Fergusson, who has devoted her career to coaching other indie authors…and, as ever, Dan Holloway has all the latest self-publishing news from the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) blog roundup 2020 Week 26.

GO CREATIVE! Monthly Motivator & Planning Session

Thank you so much to those who attended last month’s introductory workshop. This month, we are going to do what business calls a SWOT analysis of your writing and publishing plans: looking at your strengths (s), weaknesses(w), opportunities(o) and (c) challenges in writing, publishing and creative business. 
Once we have done that, you will be ready to begin your quarterly plan, which will commence for the third quarter of the year on the first of July. 
We will provide downloadable PDFs of both documents at the workshop. Please turn up ten mins before to access. We will do a rough version during the workshop and you will do a polished version as homework. 
Come along to the workshop with your intentions for this quarter and for the rest of the year, under the three headings. 
Please note: These workshops are for current members of The Creativist Club only, and are managed through Patreon. You can opt-out at any time but you must be registered for this month’s workshop in order to attend
Please check through Patreon that your membership is live if you wish to attend.
Message us through Patreon if you are unsure of your membership status.

Self-Publishing Advice Roundup:

  • The Alliance Of Independent Authors (ALLi) and the Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency (EELA) have inaugurated a partnership to assist ALLi members in the management and licensing of their rights.
  • In this month’s #AskALLi Member Q&A, Michael and I will be answering your member questions including, what are the industry standards and best practices for paperback books?
  • This week’s Inspirational Indie Authors podcast sees Howard Lovy interviewing  Lorna Fergusson, who has tried publishing the traditional way, but found that she enjoyed the control she had over her own work that comes with being an indie author. Lorna has also devoted her career to coaching other indie authors on how they can chase away self-doubt and join the indie publishing revolution.
  • It’s mind-boggling that just 15 years ago, there were no iPhones, no Kindles and barely an inkling of the impending self-publishing revolution. In a few short years, indie authors have irrevocably changed the industry: now accounting for 24-34% of all ebook sales in the largest English-language markets, depending on which source you read (and none of them tell the full story). Today, the Alliance of Independent Authors #AskALLi team look at the facts and figures about self-publishing and the impact of indie authors on the wider publishing industry.
  • On the ALLi Twitter chat (#indieAuthorChat) we asked questions about Processes, Outsourcing and Automation.
  • And finally, in Dan Holloway’s regular indie author news round-up this week, he’s looking at Bookbeat insights; events online; publishers take stock; new tech chances, and upcoming conferences and events.

Lots to learn and ponder, as ever.

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