Kicking "But"

Beating creative resistance
Thanks to Ruth Malan for the drawing.

Don’t give us “Yes, but…”

Whatever we’re referring to, that “but” contains resistance. And resistance is the creator of all our problems.

When we find ourselves saying “but”, we need to go deeper, to find the core of what we're resisting. What exactly is it that we don't want to accept?

We need to observe how the non-acceptance takes us out of the creative now, into a problematic past or anxious future.

The best way to do this is to imagine what would happen if we were to fully accept that it is as it is — and allow it to be?

No “but”.

Sit with this question.

Meditate on it.

F-R-E-E-Write about it.

As creatives, it's our job to do whatever is needed to stop living from “but”. To find the creative space beyond .