Keep it Secret to Keep it Sacred

Sharing your creative dream too early is a mistake. Later on, when it's well established in you, telling others can help keep you on track. But in thecreative intelligence cave early days, hug it to yourself.

Be like actor, Jeff Goldblum*, when he was a teenager: “I would take a shower,” he says, “and it had a door, not a curtain, a door, a glass door, which would   steam up, and I'd write every morning – because I hadn't told anyone, even my parents or friends, that I wanted to act –  it was embarrassing or something.

And I knew it was too important to me to have it be anything but a secret…  I didn't dare [even] keep a diary or anything.

“…The door would steam up, and I'd write “please God, let me be an actor”, and then, before I left the shower, I would wipe it off.”

* As told to Kira Cochrane in The Guardian. Read the full interview here.

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