Interview About ALLi On The Self-Publishing Formula Podcast

I had great fun talking all things self-publishing with the lovely James Blatch on the Self-Publishing Formula podcast, which he runs with novelist Mark Dawson.

James is just starting out on his writing career, Mark is a phenomenal bestseller and together they make courses that make a real difference to authors' lives and livelihoods — most famously, so far, their Facebook for Authors course.

I was thrilled to be invited onto their podcast, which focusses how authors can make a living telling stories.

Like me, James and Mark both know there’s never been a better time to be a writer. And how to make the most of the opportunities that now abound for us.

(Hint: its about supporting each other!)

James and I nattered about all sorts, from why I started ALLi to self-publishing in India.

You can tune in here.

And while you're there, subscribe to the podcast. The guys have an amazing roster of guests lined up.