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Inspiration Meditation

I hope you had a great Easter. Ms Accident Central (that would be me of the just healed jaw but now broken ankle) was confined to base — sunny garden, lying prone, foot up , ordering regular cool drinks and rations of Green & Black‘s. Not so shabby.

Also, it gave  me the opportunity to finally put together the Inspiration Meditation Audio I've been working on for eons with the gifted and gorgeous Kimba Arem and the equally g&g Tristan from The Way Studios.

So it's finally here (drum roll! te dah!): A 45-min downloadable MP3 that includes a guided Inspiration Meditation and Creative Visualisation — both supported by hauntingly beautiful music, by composer and sound vibration supremo, Kimba Arem.

The audio guides you, step-by-step, through the meditation and visualisation, both especially devised to foster insight, creative flow, inspiration, perception and revelation. Every moment of each track aims to connect you to your innate creative potential and develop your creative intelligence.

Priceless stuff for a mere £7.99.  You can buy it here.

  • Using words and the spaces between the words, Inspiration Meditation connects you to the deep place beyond thought — no matter how manic or mired you might be feeling.
  • Use it when you're blocked, when you're resisting, when you're busy or stressed, when you just can't quiet your mind.
  • All you need to do is relax and follow along.

I'll also be releasing a second edition of the Inspiration Meditation e-book shortly, based on your feedback and the workshops and morning meditations at the Special Yoga Centre. The updated eBook will cost £3.99 but be free to you, as a Creative Intelligence Blog subscriber.

In the meantime, enjoy the audio.

I look forward to your feedback.

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