Indie Poetry Please! Submission December 2020

It’s time to submit your poetry for “Indie Poetry Please” December 2020. 
Each month, I will select a winning poem from the “Indie Poetry Please” feature on Instagram, which is announced on my blog and also on the Self-Publishing Advice Podcast and Livestream from the Alliance of Independent Authors.
If you’d like to submit a poem for December 2020:
  • SUBMIT IN THE COMMENT BOX ON PATREON: Copy and paste the text of your poems into the comment box on this Patreon post. The poems for each podcast are chosen from recent submissions here and on Instagram.
  • QUOTA: Up to three poems only for each show.  Paste one long (40+ lines) or up to three short poems in the box provided (link provided by email), one poem per box. Please do not submit more, this will disqualify your entry.
  • INSTAGRAM: You can also submit on Instagram. Use the hashtag #indiepoetryplease when you post a poem. Reposts on Instagram are free to all but only patrons feature on live readings, recordings and podcasts.
  • Various considerations go into the selection process, including getting a spread of genres, themed broadcasts, what has been previously broadcast, and many other factors.
  • You can submit as many poems as you like, as often as you like.
  • Please post as wide a variety of your work as possible to increase your chances of success.
  • Even if not selected for broadcast, your poems will be read here by many other poets, by my patrons and other followers.
If you have any difficulty, write to Sarah with the subject line: “Indie Poetry Please! Submission
I very much look forward to hearing and reading your work.
Till next time, may your life be filled with poetry!
x Orna
PS: More about Indie Poetry Please here