This Month’s AskALLi Beginners’ Self-Publishing Salon: How To Self-Edit A Book

I do a weekly podcast over at the Alliance of Independent Authors, offering self-publishing advice at various levels. This month it was the AskALLi Beginners Self-Publishing Salon where I chatted with Tim Lewis about how to self-edit a book.

Every author needs to self-edit before submission but when you’re self-publishing, there are particular things you need to think about. In this month’s AskALLi Beginners Self-Publishing Salon, Tim Lewis and I ranged widely around the topic. Our discussion included:

  • The importance of taking a big view and noting what’s positive in your manuscript as well as what you’d like to improve.
  • The option of making separate passes through for different aspects: theme, structure, plot, characterisation.
  • How different genres need different kinds of editing.
  • And more, lots more.

After the session, we headed over to Twitter for an #indieauthorchat about the themes raised. Follow @IndieAuthorALLi on Twitter to join in next time.

Our Beginner’s Salon next month will look at the topic of using beta readers in your self-editing process. We had that down for this month but didn’t get time to go into it in detail and it’s a big topic.

Authors have always done used friends and family and other authors to help them in crafting their books informally but since the onset of widespread self-publishing, it has become an accepted part of the self-editing process.

But how do you choose the right beta readers? And how do you make sure the help they give you is as useful as possible. There are services that can help you and lots of things you can do to make this part of the process a joy and a real boon to your book.

That’s next month.

The next AskALLi Salon, though, is next week. Dan Blank and I will be looking at writing craft… and not just in the book but also in all the writing that surrounds the book.

How To Craft and Share Your Creative Work So Fans Want More” will discuss how to effectively craft your book, your ads, your social media updates, your book description, your back of book blurbs, in a way that inspires others to connect and, ultimately, buy. You can register to be notified on Facebook here or receive email notifications here or by signing the form below.

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