How To Publish Love Poetry Books: Latest Self-Publishing Advice Podcast

How To Publish Love Poetry Books. Interested in writing and publishing love poetry? In advance of Valentine’s day, this week’s AskALLi session with Dalma Szentpály and I will discuss How to Self-Publish Love Poetry.

If you’re an indie poet, or aspire to publish poetry books, this AskALLi salon is for you.

You’ll learn:

  • Why love poetry is always popular and who is reading it in these digital days
  • Latest trends in poetry publishing
  • Genres in love poetry
  • Publishing poetry tips

Also: Indie Poetry Please! in which Dalma and I read some poetry submissions and I read my poem, “Love Hurts”.

Listen to the latest #AskALLi podcast episode here: How To Publish Love Poetry Books

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