How To Go Creative: C Is For Can

How To Create Anything

Last time: B is for Being.

Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.” Henry Ford.

Think of something you can't do. Not something impossible for you, not a physical inability, but some small thing that you feel you can't do, something you'd actually quite like to do. [If nothing jumps to mind, you might want to F-R-E-E-Write about this].

For even the most creative and dynamic person, there is always something else, something new. That is the creative energy of life, constantly unfolding in new combinations and manifestations.

The creative and a dynamic among us will probably have no problem thinking of another new creation they'd like to make. It's those of us who've got used to accepting our lot in life that find it more difficult.

Don't proceed to the next paragraph until you've got it: something small you'd like to create in your life – but you can't.

Switch Your Thinking
Got it? Good. Also get a pen and paper and try this Switch Your Thinking Exercise.

Instead of saying to yourself that you can't do this paying, say to yourself that you can. You can, you really can, if you really want to. Here's how:

  1. Write down the reasons that are jumping to mind but why you can't. List them all, under two categories: A) Practical/physical Limits. e.g. time, money, other people,  energy, health, other resources and B) Emotional/feeling Limits. e.g. fear, anxiety, nervousness, weakness, emotional fatigue, lack of concentration…
  2.  When you have listed all the reasons, add one more, in each of the two categories.
  3. Now F-R-E-E-Write three pages on the following topic: What would happen if I did do this thing, if I did make this thing a reality in my world?
  4.  at the end of the free writing session, ask yourself do you still want this thing? Answer yourself in writing.

If the answer is no: Repeat the whole process above, 1 to 4, until you find something where the answer is yes. remember, if this feels like too much trouble that what you are developing here is your creative capacity. This is worth your time and effort.

If the answer is yes: Go back to the list and see do the limits in List A actually stop me? Or am I allowing myself to be stopped because of something in B?

Most limits are mental. And embedded in every creative desire are the abilities to make it happen, if we know how to get beyond our own nay-saying, self-sabotaging fear and access the vast open pool of creative possibility  beyond.

Stay tuned, because next time: D is for Daring.