How To Fit Writing Into A Busy Schedule

The Write Track wanted to know how I fit writing in with all the other things I do. They sent these questions to answer:

Traditional publishers give authors deadlines, as an author-publisher how do you ensure you complete work?

ORNA: I set deadlines – but I often break them! Last year I tried an experiment with a writer friend who works from a very disciplined energy, whereby she held me accountable to delivering by a certain date. But I ended up rushing the work. It didn’t suit me.

I work in a much more organic way – but I do adopt a specific mindset. I use my will not to force me to write but to ensure that I do the practices that creates the conditions within which writing happens — the meditation, the FreeWriting, the daily mindful exercise like yoga or chi running.

Once I do those practices, the writing – and indeed all the tasks in my day get themselves done. I think it helps that I have a thorough understanding of the creative process, the seven stages it undergoes from intention to completion, and so I know when to act and when to let the process unfold. and I have an unwavering faith in the process itself. It knows more than I do. The more I can let writing do writing, and take myself out of the way, the better.

You teach, run ALLi and you’re an author-publisher too. How do you fit writing into your busy day?

ORNA: I fit writing in by doing it first. When I wake in the morning I…

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