Next Self-Publishing Advice Salon: How do you sell audiobooks across all platforms?

How do you sell audiobooks across all platforms?

This is an advance peek at next week’s self-publishing salon from the Alliance of Independent Authors, discussing how to sell audiobooks across all platforms.

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#AskALLi Self-Publishing Fiction & Non-Fiction Salon: How do you sell audiobooks across all platforms?

As audiobook sales continue to grow, so too do the platforms for sales and marketing. But how do you actually sell an audiobook? And how do you know what marketing opportunities are boom and what are bust?

Join Sacha Black and Adam Croft as they discuss the different platforms for audiobook sales and the ever-growing marketing opportunities for both your fiction and nonfiction audiobooks.

Brought to you by Izzard Ink Publishing: where Self-Publishing is no longer publishing by yourself.

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