Happy July 2024 Dear Readers

July is an exciting month, as we're set to launch our Kickstarter campaign to bring ‘More Than A Muse' to life and honour Maud Gonne with a statue in Dublin on the 22nd. I'll be featuring WB Yeats poems to Maud Gonne for the month on the blog to celebrate.

#StatueforMaudGonne is the hashtag to follow on socials and we're now on countdown to Monday 22nd July, when the Kickstarter campaign will launch and we'll be sending a letter to the papers from a long list of readers and writers, artists and historians who have added their email address to our campaign. See below if you wanted to add your name.

In other news, I'm opening a new channel for the Go Creative! podcast and I'll have a 30K work sample of the beginning of A Life Before for all readers before month end.

And of course lots of writing to read here on the blog meantime, with the usual exclusives and sneak peeks for for patrons.

Have a wonderful month!

x Orna

Interested in the #StatueforMaudGonne campaign?

If you'd like to see a statue of Gonne in Dublin, please follow these instructions:

  1. Sign up to be notified when the Kickstarter campaign goes live: OrnaRoss.com/MoreThanAMuse
  2. Sign up here to add your name and email address to the call, and be listed as a supporter:  OrnaRoss.com/StatuePetition

Then copy and paste the two instructions, and send them on to another friend (or two, or 20!) who might be interested.

Thank you so much for your help.