Got A Pram In Your Hallway?

Can you mix kids and creative achievement?  You not only can — but you should, says screenwriter, novelist and father of seven, Frankie Cottrell Boyce. creative intelligence goslings

“Writers are free to spend their days doing whatever they like; but if they don't write then they are not writers. They are on their own and so vulnerable to every distraction…

“Family is, of course, the most potent distraction and probably the only distraction that   makes you feel virtuous when you surrender to it.

“There's a belief that to do great work you need tranquility and control, that the pram is cluttering up the hallway; that life needs to be neat and tidy. This isn't the case. Tranquility and control provide the best conditions for completing the work you imagined.

“But surely the real trick is to produce the work that you never imagined.”

From 'The Parent Trap', The Guardian 2.8.2010. Read full article here.

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