Go Creative Means Go Enterprising: Find Your Micro-Niche

Your “Mashion” is the point at which your mission and passion meet. Once you find this niche area, your future becomes clear, and you find your past was perfect too. Everything has been leading to here.

You’ll enjoy a burst of energy. You might find yourself sitting up all night, working, writing, producing, playing without even feeling tired. Everything is just as it should be.

You feel ready to face fears and take risks. You feel excited. It feels like fun and you want to look after yourself so you'll be able to do the necessary.

Daniel Priestley, of Dent Global, calls this understanding “Asset Zero”.

“Strip everything away and what are you left with?” he asks. “What have you been about since day one? What are you really up to? What gives you the feeling of being in flow? What lights you up, even though it’s hard. What will you go to your grave trying to get done in the world?”

Your creative success isn’t out there, or in this blog. It’s embedded in your mix of passion and mission, in the micro-niche where they meet.

Choose Your Micro-Niche

Your mashion forms the basis of the micro-niche where you'll set up your stall. For example, vegan make-up is a micro-niche in the skincare industry. Empowering creative entrepreneurs is a micro-niche in the coaching industry.
One good way to research micro-niches is to look at non-fiction categories in Amazon and other online book retailers.

In a micro-niche born of passion and mission is where you find your ideal customer, waiting for you. This person has an affinity with you, born out of shared values that have led to common experiences. You understand what’s most important to them. Maybe you’ve been there yourself, once having made the mistakes they’re now making. You know what they need and they are willing and able to pay for what you're offering. And if you satisfy their need, they'll be back for more.

By focusing on them, those who are most likely to “get” you and your business, you enjoy lower competition, an ability to gain traction faster, and a more meaningful level of connection.

TRY THIS: F-r-e-e-write Your “Mashion”

F-r-e-e-write a page about the links between your mission (what makes you angry) and your passion (what you most love).

TRY THIS: Who Values Your Values?

F-r-e-e-write about your ideal customer, the kind of person who would value what you'd most like to offer. What do you already know about them?

TRY THIS: What's The Problem?

In less than 100 words, define your customers’ three main problems.

TRY THIS: What's The Solution?

What products or services are you going to offer to solve their problems?

Before settling on your micro-niche, check that your potential customers have three qualities:

  • Affinity with you, your mission and passion and values
  • Experiencing an identifiable pain that you can alleviate
  • Able and willing to pay for the product/service mix you offer, at a price that meets your needs

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