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There comes a “point in every freelancer's life where he has to decide whether he wants to A, have a social life, and do art in his spare time, or B, do art, and have a social life in his spare time.

“It has always seemed to me that if you have any hope of making a living as an artist – writer, musician, whatever – you absolutely must learn to tell people to leave you alone, and to mean it, and to eject them from your life if they don't respect that.

“This is necessary not because your job is more important than anyone else's – it isn't – but because a great many people will think of you as not having a job.

“‘Oh, how wonderful – you can work whenever you want to!' Well, yes, to a point, but generally ‘whenever you want to' had better be most of the time, or else you won't have a roof over your head.”

Author, Poppy Z Brite

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Next Time: Go Creative… With Jay Z

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