Go Creative… With Jack Gilbert

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“If I'm writing well it [ a poem] comes to an end with an almost audible click. When I started out, I wouldn't write a poem until I P1020046knew the first line and the last line and what it was about and what would make it a success. I was a tyrant and I was good at it.

“But the most important day in my career as a writer wants was when Linda [his wife] said, Did you never think of listening to your poems?

“And my poetry changed. I didn't give up making pre-created poetry, and you have to write a poem the way you ride a horse – you have to know what to do with it. You have to be in charge of a horse or it will eat all day – you'll never get back to the barn.

“But if you tell the horse to be a horse, if you force it, the horse will probably break a leg. The horse and rider have to be together.”

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