Go Creative… With Henry Miller

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“Like the primal spirit of the universe, like the unshakeable Absolute, the One, the All, the creator i.e., the artist expresses himself by and through imperfection.

“It is the stuff of life, and the very sign of livingness.

“One gets nearer to the heart of truth, which I suppose is the ultimate aim of the writer, in the measure that one ceases to struggle, in the measure that one abandons the will.

“The great writer is the very symbol of life, of the non-perfect. He moves effortlessly, giving the illusion of perfection, from some unknown centre which is certainly not the brain centre but is definitely a centre — a centre connected with the rhythm of the whole universe and consequently as sound, solid, unshakeable, as durable, defiant, anarchic, purposeless, as the universe itself is.

“Art teaches nothing — except the significance of life.”

From:'Reflections on Writing' by Henry Miller in The Wisdom of The Heart.

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