Go Creative… With Francis Ford Coppola

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“I’ve learned an interesting thing…  If you hold out with your vision a little bit, it’s like a cake being put in the oven.coppola's creative intelligence [If] the scene doesn’t work immediately, you have to bake it a little bit.

“It’s unfair, when you begin to create a shot, say, or a scene, [to expect] that it’s going to immediately be like those beautiful scenes in the movies. It needs a little bit of time to mature.

“It’s like taking the cake out without letting it be in the oven for more than a minute. Like, ‘oh no, it’s terrible'.

“Be patient, and then slowly everyone starts to see that the ideas are right, or make the corrections. You have to battle the lack of confidence by giving the scene the chance to solidify.

“We are very insecure… not just young people. Everyone is insecure. They say that Barbara Streisand, when she goes on, she has a panic attack. She feels she can’t sing.

“Of course, she can sing.”

By Ariston Anderson. @Aristonian
 This is an extract. Read the full interview here at 99%: Behance's blog 


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