Go Creative… With Billy Connolly

Last Week: A Literary Guide to Dublin

“The map of the sky… has been very badly drawn by Galileo and others who weren’t very good at joining the dots.

creative intelligence night sky

The Great  Bear is nothing like a bear, The Southern Cross is bugger all like a cross… and that goes for all the other cosmic things.

“I’d like to redraw it. Because I’ve seen things up there.

“The Great Elvis would make a pleasant change, don’t you think?

“Or The Wee Willie Winkie?

“People wouldn’t take the whole thing so seriously if they could find Noddy…

“If you find a constellation shaped like a car, why not call it the Morris Minor?

“There are as many shapes up there as people, so we could each have our own view of the sky. Then it would belong to us … and not to some dead Italian.”

Adapted from Billy: The Complete Life Story of A Comic Genius. By his wife, Pamela Stephenson.

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