Go Creative! Reading List

F-R-E-E-Writing Notebook
F-R-E-E-Writing Notebook

My Go Creative! books are out of commission at the moment (except for the F-R-E-E-Writing Notebook, still available on Amazon, which doesn't count as a book). I'm in talks with a trade publisher to see if a print-only deal, in different territories, might be possible.

I have mixed feelings and we'll see.

In the meantime, I thought I'd give you a reading list of great books about creative living that might inspire and delight you.

And back soon with all the news from Sligo: if you were there, send me your photos. I'm putting together an album.


Go Creative! Reading List

Joseph Brodsky: Six Rules for Winning at the Game of Life (University of Michigan, 1988),

Teresita Fernandez Blind Landscape on what it really means to be an artist

Seamus Heaney: On mothering beginnings (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1996) and doing good in the world (University of Pennsylvania, 2000)

Kurt Vonnegut: If This Isn't Nice, What Is? 

Debbie Millman: Fail Safe, on giving yourself safety so you can take risks

 Toni Morrison:  On the importance of owning your own story

George Saunders: On regrets and the importance of kindness 

Patti Smith: On Owning People Power and on Growing Up & Living As Peter Pan

David Foster Wallace: This Is Water (audio) (pdf: Kenyon College, 2005).

Bill Watterson on fleeing the real world in favour of creative integrity:  (Kenyon College, 1990)


(My thanks to Maria Popova's wonderful Brain Pickings for first alerting me to some of the links on this list)