Go Creative Means Go Within: Inspiration Meditation

The one thing that all the most successful CEs (creative entrepreneurs) have in common is this: they’ve developed an ability to still the thinking mind for a while, to open the channel of the subconscious, by moving into internal stillness, into silence.

This freedom from mental activity, the emotional and spiritual condition it engenders, doesn't belong only to writers and artists and sages. We all can do this.

We all, already, do.

But not all of us have been trained to understand and recognize it. To practice it.

One powerful practice that takes us there is Inspiration Meditation.

Inspiration Meditation

We don't approach this desired outcome–to generate creative presence and flow–in a linear, goal-centered way. In meditation, we hold the subtle dynamic of intention without turning it into what the Buddhists call “a gaining idea.”

We do this by letting go.

We let go of thought and gaining ideas. We frame our creative intention, then let that go too. We recognize that conscious creation is always co-creation, a collaboration with life.

Inspiration Meditation uses sound and the absence of sound as its focus. Words contain silence, and silence contains words. Experiences contain space, and space contains experiences. Nothingness contains things, and things contain nothingness.

Inspiration Meditation draws attention to this interplay of form and formlessness.

We let go, to let flow.

Creativist Club members can download free Inspiration Meditation audios, supported by music from the great composer and sound therapist, Kimba Arem.

With eyes closed, move your eyes to the left side, as far as they will go. Rest them there and see your first name, your given name, on the screen of your mind.

· Repeat your name to yourself three times, slowly.

· Then, eyes still closed, bring them right, towards the right corner of the right eye, and see your surname, your family name.

· And again, slowly, spaciously. sound the sound of your surname in your mind.

· Then bring both eyes center, to the space between the brows, between the words.

· Breathe into the space.


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