Gifting our Gifts

P1010293Creative intelligence is going beyond the given, as defined in the previous post.  And why do we do this?  So we can fully give.

(Yes, creative intelligence is often paradoxical :))

Inspiration is creative intelligence in action and it operates within the gift economy. It may – often does – go unrecognised or undervalued by the money economy, part of the great swathe of unpaid or underpaid ‘work' that keeps our world well, work that is done for different, often deeper, rewards than money.

Inspiration is always experienced as a gift (even if what we're talking about is an inspired business idea). And for it to be passed on, it must be offered as a gift (even if the outcome turns out to be wealth and recognition).

We see this dynamic most clearly in the lives of our greatest writers and artists, some of whom I will be looking at in upcoming posts as illustration. Those whose ‘gift' is undeniable, who get described as ‘gifted', whose work is highly inspirational.

As writers and artists, we need to know that our business is giving.

Whoever lives from that knowledge expands their creative intelligence. And then, artists or not, their lives become inspired — and inspiring.

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