Five Tips to Go From Blog to Book.

Think your blog can be the next bestseller? Here are some tips for aspiring writers from editor Iris Blisi:P1010220

  1. Consider your category. The web is a goldmine for humor writers in particular. “If you’re funny and your voice is unique, people will come to it,” says Patrick Mulligan, editor and blog scout.
  2. Pay heed to tradition even in a digital environment. The best way to catch the attention of an agent or editor? “A good, old-fashioned, well-written query,” says Kate Lee, an ICM agent so well known for ushering authors from the internet to bookshelves that she was the subject of a 2004 New Yorker piece. “There’s really no substitute for that.”
  3. Think ahead. In standard publishing contracts, the burden of obtaining permissions for reprinted material falls on the author. For sites dependent upon reader submissions, do yourself a favor and have readers surrender rights to their content prior to posting, as smartly does at sign-up.
  4. Don’t show all your cards. Added value is essential to publishers, as they don’t want to reproduce what is already available for free online. Be mindful from the outset about holding back some add-ons that might work best for the book.
  5. Show you can drive traffic. If a blog launches in the forest, does it make a sound? Great content will only get you halfway. Focus on links from other websites, as they act as a kind of endorsement and quality control, demonstrating your proven ability to promote.

See Iris's full post here.  And while you're there, why not sign up for Digital Book World – the new world of electronic writing and publishing can be confusing at first but it's the way of the future and a creative opportunity for writers.  DBW will help you navigate it.

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