Introduction to the first Self-Publishing Poetry Podcast

Tomorrow (Monday) at 7pm London time, we kick off the first Self-Publishing Poetry Podcast from the Alliance of Independent Authors 

In this first Self-Publishing Poetry Podcast, we’ll begin by introducing ourselves on live Facebook video. That’s me and co-host Dalma Szentpály of PublishDrive, our latest addition to the #AskALLi lineup of ace self-publishing advisors.

Self-Publishing Poetry Podcast:

Dalma and I will be introducing our goals and creative intentions for the podcast, and for indie poetry more widely.

And looking at the ways in which different poets are reaching their audiences through the written and spoken word, from multi-media and micro poetry online in places like Instagram, to live performances at poetry slams and music festivals, to the publication of long epic poems in beautiful illustrated special editions.

And everything in between.

Self-Publishing Poetry Podcast: Indie Poetry Please!

As you probably already know, poetry is having a renaissance, thanks to the new technologies and self-publishing. We’ll be talking about best practices for poets, the ways in which self-publishing poetry is different to self-publishing fiction and nonfiction.

 And in this first Self-Publishing Poetry Podcast we’ll be starting as we mean to continue, with readings from indie poets too.

If you’re a poet and you would like your work to be featured on the show, register here and we’ll send full details.

You can find more information about the podcast here.