Feeling Anxious or Overwhelmed? Try F-R-E-E-Writing

Yen writes: I’m a novice at F-R-E-E-Writing and I was lucky to have the chance to learn it from Orna, at a class she held last year.

As a writer, I had my reservations about using this technique for personal thoughts. And, as someone who is very pragmatic in my life approach, I had doubts as to how this would be useful.

Though I am still exploring F-R-E-E-Writing, the most obvious result that I’ve gathered from it, already, is how it has helped with my worries and anxieties.

It’s common today to be juggling various projects, while trying to maintain some kind of acceptable work-life balance. No matter how organised we are, we often find ourselves worrying.

What I didn’t quite realise was that, most of the time, this worry stems from something else. Something outside of the projects or tasks we’re working on.

We exploreMy first few F-R-E-E-Writing sessions helped me figure out what my anxieties and worries stemmed from. They weren’t work related, at all, as I thought. They were deep rooted anxieties from my personal history.

These thoughts rarely get time in the open, as they don’t relate directly to my day-to-day life, but from allowing my stream of consciousness to flow, it has come to light that they do still matter to me. Deeply.

Orna talked about this in her post about F-R-E-E-Writing for Healing, Transformation and Liberation, and I am just discovering it for myself.

Now that I have been able to recognise the source of my anxieties, I have started to work on diminishing them to improve my personal well-being.

I’m also looking forward to taking F-R-E-E-Writing further after this, in applying it next to my creative projects.

(Post by Yen Ooi)

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