Excommunicate Yourself.

People are grown as a kind of food to be gobbled up by the system.” Stephen Nachmanovitch, author of Free Play. IMG_0037

X is for Excommunication — the denial of community to those who break the rules.

Excommunication is what the Pope does to priests who support reproductive choice services, for example, or the ordination of women.

All parties have their own codes and constructs of behaviour, often inexplicable to those outside. (e.g. ordain a woman = excommunication; rape a child = church protection.)

Yours is the creative party, the loosest federation in the world.  Anyone can join any time. There are no fees, no entry requirements, no party line, no set ways of doing, or being or thinking — though when we meet, we

tend to recognise each other.

As a member of the creative party, you choose a way of living.  You choose awareness and attention — and the practices that foster them. You choose connection to the world around you, visible and invisible. You choose to develop your talents and hone your potential. You choose to be you.

These choices, when enacted, are truly transformational.

Other parties, the kind who like control, recognise the revolutionary potential of the creative spirit — and work hard to suppress it. Such parties – it can be church, school, family, work, consumer culture – want to homogenise your unique simplicity into complexity, your unique intelligence into conformity.

They offer a sense of belonging but in return ask you to surrender the power of your playful mind and personal truth.

Don't do it.

And if you feel you already have, excommunicate yourself.

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