Why Every Creative Business Is Now Also In The Publishing Business

If you want to grow a following or a career, to stand out and to make a difference, you must understand how authority and reach is built in our digitized, creative economy.

These days, your qualifications, CV, resume are secondary. Firstly, you are who Google says you are.

This means that creativepreneurs (CEs), regardless of their art or craft, service or product, are now also in the (digital) publishing business.

There are two ways in which a CE needs to engage with publishing.

1. PUBLISH YOURSELF To Establish Profile

You need to: Create credibility and discoverability in your chosen field with your own media: books, blogs, articles, white papers, social media updates.

2 GET PUBLISHED By Others To Establish Authority and Discoverability

You need to: Put a face to your business and create information funnels that get you or one of your brands recognized in the media – online and offline.

Those who are following this advice are attracting clients.

By “publish” I don't mean just books, I mean content of all kinds [books, blog posts, articles, white papers, social media updates, podcasts, films, slideshares, animations, infographics,  PowerPoint presentations and whatever you fancy] in all formats [ video, audio and text].

When you put out a lot of content, the potential customer is reassured. You engage their trust. They think: “Wow, they know so much, I want some of that.”

You become credible.

Intellectual Property Is An Asset

Consumers are tired of being sold to. Ads work less and less, these days. And when an ad is no longer being served, it's gone. Your publications, though, live on and on.

They are assets, working on your behalf, 24/7. A great way of growing your expert status, a great networking tool, a conduit into speaking opportunities and a source of other content.

We built the Alliance of Independent Authors solely on content. We are now experimenting with Facebook and other advertising but we built a massive global following, one blog post, tweet and social update at a time.

Over the years, we’ve had thousands of members and followers come to us because they read something we wrote.

Google calls it ZMOT: Zero Moments of Truth. Read on to discover more about how and why they, and pretty much everyone, acknowledges that in our Creative Age, “content is king”, and that every business is now also in the publishing business: Zero Moment of Truth

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