DANCING IN THE WIND NOTEBOOK DAY 41: Does Maud Gonne deserve a statue in Dublin?

Does Maud Gonne deserve a statueDoes Maud Gonne deserve a statue in Dublin? Some feminists believe so and want to see her recognized for her lifelong devotion to progressive causes.

It will be an uphill battle. To many, Maud is still remembered as “Maud Gonne Mad” and “maudgonning” is slang for being over passionate about a political cause.

And you can see various photographs online at Alamy.com and by googling her image.

When COVID restrictions lift and you next visit Ireland, you can see her in the following places.

The National Gallery of Ireland: Portrait in oils by Sarah Purser (c.1889)

  • Pastel drawing by Purser (1898),
  • Pencil and watercolour drawing by J. B. Yeats (qv) (1907)
  • Chalk and charcoal drawing by Seán O'Sullivan (qv) (1929).

The Hugh Lane Gallery of Modern Art, Dublin,

  • plaster bust by Laurence Campbell (qv)
  • oil portrait by Sarah Purser.

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