Do You Need Creative Mentoring?

Uncertain about what you’re creating? Not managing to make it happen?

I work with a selected few people, sometimes face-to-face, sometimes online — offering guidance, feedback, motivation and practical support so they can make more of what they want…. and less of the other stuff.

A lot of it is about alerting you to how the creative process works and reminding you how its inevitable challenges are overcome — as well as signposting any tendency to self-sabotage and keeping you on track.

We have lots of laughs and good times as we go.

I don't take everyone who asks. But it doesn't matter to me whether you're an accomplished artiste with a string of ‘hits', now blocked; or a ‘creative virgin', going on nothing more than a small, internal whisper telling you that you can make more of yourself.

And it doesn't have to be an artistic project. What you want to create can be anything from a literary masterpiece to making more money — it's the same process for everything. For me, it's the how and the why that will count, as much as the what.

But I do need to like what you're about and to know that you're serious — able and willing to invest the time and resources it will take to bring what you want to create into being

Currently Closed.

There is a waiting List. If you would like to join it, sign up here