Defining 'The Creative'

An Answer to the Perennial Question: What Is Creativity?

Creativity is vaporous, nebulous. It resists being quantified. It refuses access to those who try to own it, grasp it or chase it.

Every creative wrestles with two inter-connected challenges. How to make a good life for ourselves.

And how to capture our experience of life, our life's essence, and turn it into a creation – a book, a blog, a picture, a quilt, a film, a song – that is worthy of being offered to others.

Other people.

Or the Big Other that co-creates with us in both our life and our work.

Any definition of creativity is useful only in so far as it enables us to act. To create. Words are not enough, they are only pointers.

When it comes to creative intelligence, knowing is doing. We understand it only by using it.

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