My Creative Week 41: Techniques to Help You Cultivate Creative Flexibility

This week, in our Creative Flow Practice Group, we’ve been exploring techniques that help to cultivate creative flexibility. You can join us for daily online flow practice  (Inspiration Meditation and F-R-E-E-Writing) in our closed Facebook Group here.

Flexibility is a key component of creativity. It’s the quality that keeps out of a “thinking rut”, allowing us to come up with new ideas and innovative strategies. And so it’s the quality that makes conscious change, growth, development, and evolution possible.

To cultivate creative flexibility is also to develop our ability to open up a moment, so we can be proactive instead of reactive to the conditions arising in our lives. We don’t assume, we test, try, experiment, explore.

Most notably, we don’t assume doom and gloom. Flexibility allows us to chose a positive response because it allows us to see a positive option, not just to accept received thinking.

Cultivate Creative Flexibility

To cultivate creative flexibility, you have to practice it. The brain is very prone to pattern making and will get stuck in a rut if not exercised.

Just as the body will grow stiff if you don’t stretch, so the mind hardens if we don’t consciously exercise it in ways that keep it supple.

This is one of the reasons we practice inspiration meditation and f-r-e-e-writing, both of which have been proven to expand our mental and emotional range and cultivate creative flexibility.

Find out more and join us here for daily flow practice that helps to cultivate creative flexibility.

My Creative Week. Accomplishments: Week 41, Q3, 2019

How was your creative week, week 41 of 2019? You’ll find my creative doings for the week below. Share your week’s accomplishments, setbacks and side-tours in our Facebook group, under the three hats of creative maker, manager and marketer).

  • MAKER: Three more chapters of Creative Self-Publishing in the tank.
  • MANAGER: Failed again to get my tax information early to my accountant this year. Observing my resistance and highly creative excuses!
  • MARKETER: Set up some new Amazon ads for research, as they add UK and Germany to their advertising platform. Expensive! But I’m sticking with it, adjusting the bids with a capped budget, hoping to settle it down. Amazon has never been my largest outlet and I’m allocating time and money to this experiment for three months to see if I can grow my presence there.

What about you, how was your creative week? What did you produce, process or promote in your creative business?

In our Go Creative! in Business group, each Monday we outline our creative intentions to each other. And then we follow up on a Saturday with what we’ve actually accomplished during the week. What’s unique about our group is that our report is given under the three hats a creative entrepreneur must wear: that of Maker (who produces), Manager (who processes) and  Marketer (who promotes).

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