Creativity is Everywhere but Where are You?

As yesterday's poem suggested, creativity is everywhere, touching every human life, every minute of every day.

We feel this in its inner manifestions: intuitions, nudges, insights, longings, feelings and we see, taste, touch, hear and smell it in its outer manifestations.

Leaving aside the countless ways in which a creative universe provides for us, look at human creativity. As we go about our daily lives, from morning coffee to bedtime stories, we are constantly offering and receiving each other’s creations. Stories, meals, jokes, dress, songs, small performances….

In city and country, on land and at sea, across earth and sky, from the clothes we wear to the buildings we live in, from the foods we eat to the trinkets we collect, from art to sport, politics to business, news to music, creativity is nourishing and embellishing our lives, while sustaining, informing, and inspiring us. And nudging us on to create create ourselves.

We explain ourselves to ourselves through these creations and, through the ones that last, to the generations to come. Our creative legacy creates the conditions within which the next generation creates.

Yet how poorly we understand the creative process.

Going Creative

We’d all be more creative if we paid less attention to the surfaces, our doings and achievements, our ambitions and desires and more attention to the depths, the hidden forces and faculties that lie within ourselves and others, within all things and all experiences.

We burnish our worries and wishes, until we are blind to the blessings in front of our eyes. We resound our opinions so fiercely that we drown out the whispers of our creative spirit.

We fail to see the visions beyond the physical, to hear the sound of other spheres and the eternal stream of creation folds back into nothing, having flowed past our skin instead of through our blood.

Going creative changes this habit.

A Creativist is a person who applies creative principles to the art of living e.g. home, relationships, money, work. Find out more about going creative, in my book A Creativist Compendium.


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