What Is The Creativepreneur Movement?

“Welcome to the Creativepreneur Movement!”, announces the banner heading in our closed Facebook Group. What might that be, you ask? Nothing less than a whole new way of working and living for people who (want to) run an online business built around a personal mission or passion.

These days, all kinds of people—educators and justice campaigners, health and fitness professionals, cooks and coders, gamers and filmmakers, entrepreneurial movers and shakers of all kinds— are setting up self-run, creative enterprises.

Like any entrepreneur, a creativepreneur (CE) invests time, money and energy into growing assets that yield a benefit, and we focus on creative as well as commercial benefits. Creative freedom is our highest value.

We have three features, therefore, that distinguish us. We are micro-sized, digitally driven, and creative.

What Is The Creativpreneur Movement?

This is a movement without a leader. At best, there are guides, mentors and facilitators, fellow and sister travelers along the creative way, who understand our way of thinking and doing. Who may be a few paces ahead of us and happy to help us avoid the mistake they made starting out.

You know you are one of us if you (want to) run a business that is three things: micro-sized, digitally driven and run using creative principles and processes.

Micro-Sized: Ours are owner-enterprises, with one, two or at most, three salaried employees (just us and, often, a spouse, life partner or friend). The rest of the work we outsource, using virtual tools, teams and tribes.

Digitally Driven: Micro-business used to mean micro-income. That it doesn’t anymore is down to digital tech. Online stores, virtual assistance and expertise, digital publishing, global markets and social media allow CEs to keep our expenses low while having a large reach. Without a premises, staff or stock we can still grow exponentially (“scale”, as it’s called in business circles), while remaining light, nimble and free.

Creatively Fired: We do, or want to do, creative business the creative way. We value passion as much as profit and we work from creative principles (curiosity and courage, enthusiasm and enterprise, power and positivity, appreciation and honesty, openness and willingness) when working on, as well as in, our creative business. We know how to consciously cultivate creative flow and we do so, daily.

For CEs, passion—vision and values, mission and purpose—are not notional aspirations high on a shelf in a dusty document that nobody reads. They’re not add-ons, they're core, baked into every decision.

And profit too is baked in too, right alongside the freedom and fun.

We are in business for profit and pleasure, and we value both, equally. By instinct or learning, we know how to hold these two in fine balance.

Ten years ago, the creativepreneur didn’t exist because the technology to work for ourselves in this way didn’t exist.

Now we are a large-scale movement and helping to change how business is done, for everyone.

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