Creative Writing: Poems To Inspire: Welcome Dear Guest

Can anyone say how we came
to be here
in this human hotel?

Each day greeting new guests
who come in with their bags,
expecting their welcome
and to be served
(even as others remain).

Whether they're wanted
or we'd rather they moved
along, we must bow, smile
if we can, even when they're too

too demanding, taking more
than their turn, making us fear
they may steal, fleece us, sweep us away from this place
or just take more
than we can bear.

We've had a few bad ones in,
in our time, though most
are all right, to be fair. Some
you'd hardly know they were there.
And a few were pure play.
All must be treated the same.

To all we must say:
Welcome dear guest.
Thank you for coming
to me here
from the beyond.

Thank you for being
the work I must do,
on this day.

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