My Creative Week: Week 9 2019. (Ends March 2nd)

In the Go Creative! method, it’s important to not just to set goals and intentions each week, but also to log what we’ve accomplished and made. On Wednesdays, on this blog, I do a rundown of what we’re up to in ALLi but here I focus on my work as an author-publisher and poet. So here’s my writing and publishing week: Creative Week 9, 2019.

You’re invited to share your accomplishments each week too, in our Facebook group, under the headings of producing, processing and positioning.

My Creative Week: Week 9: (Ends March 2nd)

  • MAKER (Producing): I began work on my guide to Creative Self-Publishing, a book that has been seven years in the preparing, gathering relevant blog posts and ideas into Scrivener.
  • MANAGER (Processing): More work on my Patreon page, to integrate it into my activities beyond poetry. If you’ve been moved or motivated by any of my work, you’re invited to explore over there. I’m separating each of the different kinds of writing I do and setting up funnels for each. It’s taking ages.
  • MAXIMIZER (Positioning): It’s all about London Book Fair this week and next. I’ve been prepping my reading/launch of Keepers and setting up meetings re. rights sales and special sales.

What about you? What have your creative maker, manager and maximizer been producing, processing and positioning this week?