My Creative Week: Week 8 2019. (Ends Feb 23rd)

If you’ve been following closely you know I’ve been shaking it up a bit in my publishing business, refining my marketing method. I’ve learned a lot and I’m looking forward to sharing what’s been happening, at the creative level for me, as I work things out. Below find out all about my creative week: Week 8 2019.

It’s important to log what we’ve made, as well as setting goals and intentions. Each week, a group of us maps our intentions on Monday and notes our accomplishments on Saturday, in a closed Facebook group, the Go Creative! in Business group.

What’s unique about our group is that our report is given under the three hats a creative entrepreneur must wear: that of Maker, Manager and Maximizer.

More on that in this blog post: The Successful Creative Entrepreneur’s Three Jobs.

You are invited to share your accomplishments this week in our Facebook group, too.

My Creative Week: Week 8: Fiction

I could tell myself that it’s impossible to write fiction while all this is going on, but I have set myself the challenge of delivering one chapter a week. Wish me luck!

My Creative Week: Week 8: Poetry

my creative week: week 8Long form is challenging, so, and non-fiction and fiction: different parts of the brain. So praise be for poetry. I was at Spoken Word London again this week (Just listened this week)

We enjoyed some seriously fine poetry.

I’m working on a poem about getting older that I hope to read next time and that will be my next publicly available poem (I do exclusive poetry for my patrons over on my Patreon page).

Spoken Word London is unique in that everybody, from complete beginners to established, published poets gets five minutes. It’s the most democratic writing space in town. I love it there.

I also enjoyed the final part in the documentary trilogy about David Bowie’s eleven-year journey to overnight success (more on this tomorrow) and the arrival of my hardback edition of Keepers. Just. Love. It.
Ooooodles of thanks to the great Jane Dixon Smith and Design For Writers.
In our Creative Flow Practice group, we reached 100 practices and the theme of Practice Number 100 was “Acknowedging Gifts”. As creatives, we are so aware of what we’re NOT doing that we sometimes overlook the gifts we’ve been given.
The talents and drive that makes us want to create in the first place. The things that nature, and people have given us along the way.
Are giving us today.
I want to give acknowledge the gift of having a group to practice with, each day, Monday to Thursday, together on Facebook Live.
And of having you here, reading these words each week,
And, importantly, having you out there in the world, doing your thing.
It’s not a small thing we do, running our own creative enterprises. As conscious creators, conscious change-makers, our work is important.
If what we offer is sensational or shoddy, lazy or dishonest, lots of lives are the poorer. If our enterprises are honestly conceived and creatively presented, countless lives are enriched.
The people we serve. They are the greatest gift of all. Through them we learn and grow and get to do what we do. Thanks for being here.

My Creative Week: Week 8: Accomplishments (Ends Feb 23rd)

  • MAKER (Producing): I had thought about planning the content for four digital ads but realized the underlying processes weren’t in place (see Manager below), so working on that now. Monthly fiction newsletter sent on Friday. Another chapter of Dancing in the Wind is in the can.
  • MANAGER (Processing):  Website, website, website. And creative flow practicehad a milestone. You might think strange to include it here but it does belong, I think, as it’s essential to me keeping everything working. We we reached 100 shared practices together on Facebook this week. Deep thanks to those of you who join me for practice, whether live or in replay. It really helps me to know you’re there.
  • MAXIMIZER (Positioning):  Website, website, website.

And for ALLi:

  • MAKER (Producing): Invitations and brochures for LBF are done. Quick and Easy Guides to editor.
  • MANAGER (Processing): Excellent meeting with Pubmatch through which we are going to set up a Rights Management catalog for ALLi Authorpreneur Members.
  • MAXIMIZER (Positioning): Website, website, website.

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