My Creative Week: Week 19 2019: Accomplishments and Lessons Learned

In the Go Creative! method, it’s important for us not to just set goals and intentions and to do lists but also to log what we’ve accomplished and made each week. You’re invited to share your accomplishments each week too, in our Facebook group, under the headings of producing, processing and positioning.

So here are my writing and publishing week: Creative Week 19 2019.

My Creative Week 19 2019: (Ends May 11th)

Below is the work completed this week. I’m still working on getting better at estimating the time each task will take. And still focussed on closing down all these projects that I’ve brought to 80%, without completing.

I’m observing myself, seeing how often I like to distract myself with something new. I’m trying to train myself to hold still, not to move. To stay put.

Do you ever fly off to new things when staying there is the right creative choice?\

  • MAKER (Producing): A slow maker week (too much Manager!) but I did complete another verse on my long poem and worked on the last two chapters of Creative Self-Publishing, which led to another chapter near the beginning (“Doing too little, Doing too Much”).
  • MANAGER (Processing): A new blog team is settling in at ALLi with further changes to the websites in the back end. Feeling a bit websited out!
  • MAXIMIZER (Positioning): Bringing guests in for ALLi Beginner’s podcast now and revamping the online open mic, now called “Self-Publishing Poetry” (Seems the world wasn’t ready for the idea of the prosperous poet!)

WHAT ABOUT YOU? What did you find yourself producing, processing and promoting this week?