My Creative Week: Week 18 2019. (Ends May 4th)

In the Go Creative! method, it’s important for us not to just set goals and intentions and to do lists but also to log what we’ve accomplished and made each week.

On Wednesdays, here on my blog, I do a rundown of what we’re up to in ALLi and the self-publishing world. On Mondays and Saturdays, I focus on my work as an author-publisher and poet.

You’re invited to share your accomplishments each week too, in our Facebook group, under the headings of producing, processing and positioning.

So here are my writing and publishing week: Creative Week 18 2019.

My Creative Week 18 2019: (Ends May 4th)

Below is the work completed this week.

  • MAKER (Producing): I’ve started a long cycle poem about the Divine Feminine, voiced by an Irish cailleach (old woman, hag). The first part will go to my Patreon patrons next week. Creative self-publishing is wrapping up and the ALLi Copyright Bill of Rights gives me my final, missing chapters from Creative Self-Publishing which is on the home road.
  • MANAGER (Processing): All banking applications are now complete and in the process, a new business plan for Yay! Like most processing tasks, it didn’t feel great in the doing but it sure feels great in the DONE. I think we’ve found an illustrator for the Go Creative! workbooks that will allow me to finish the planner.
  • MAXIMIZER (Positioning): I’ve agreed to speak at DBW this autumn and to do an online publishing rights symposium with Michael and Judith Anderle. More to come on this.

WHAT ABOUT YOU? What did you find yourself producing, processing and promoting this week?