Creative Use of The Conscious Mind

The conscious mind contains our thought, creative intentions, and recent memories, like the name of a person you just met. It can be used to visualize as yet unrealized outcomes.

For creatives and creativists, the conscious mind operates as a surface scanner. It perceives an object or event, triggers a need to respond and then stores it in either the unconscious or subconscious.

To encourage creative flow, we need to have a practice for quieting conscious thought.

Creative impulses and flow experiences rise from the unconscious through the subconscious. To be more creative, we need to pay more attention to these dimensions.

The one thing that all successful creatives have in common is that they’ve developed an ability to close off the conscious thinking mind for a while, to open the font of the subconscious.

You could say that the creative mind is the subconscious mind.

Knowing that is not enough, we need to develop practices.