Creative Self-Publishing: Latest News and Advice | 2019 Week 22

This week’s highlights: In our monthly #AskALLi Writing Salon, Dan Blank and I ask, is it better to have balance or obsession as a writer?; Howard Lovy interviews inspirational indie author Maggie Lynch on women in science fiction and, as ever, Dan Holloway has all the latest self-publishing news from around the indie author houses.

Before all that, a note to the writers among you.

ALLi is commissioning blog posts from members for for June and July. We’re theming the months, June is going to be Marketing Month and July will be Audio Month. If you’re an ALLi member and you have an idea for a blog please drop Sacha an email via:

We’re especially keen to receive ideas around the following topics:

  • Using social media without ads – what techniques are working now?
  • Tips on getting AMS ads to work now
  • How to market without paid ads
  • How to sell more paperbacks
  • How to on content marketing
  • How to market audiobooks
  • Kit/equipment you need to record your own audiobook
  • The future of audio – where it’s going
  • How to distribute and publish audiobooks

Sacha would love to hear from you!

Now, onto the roundup:

Self-Publishing Advice

Is it Characterisation or Cultural Stereotyping? – ALLi Author Member Virginia King explains why authors need to understand that what we think is characterization might actually be cultural stereotyping.

ALLi’s communications manager and co-founder of ALLi Partner Member Ingenium Books, Boni Wagner-Stafford explains exactly How to Get an Author Photo Readers Will Love.

Denise Gaskins, ALLi author member, is here to explain how to DIY yourself a nonfiction index.

And in this month’s AskALLi Writing Salon, Dan Blank and I ask is it better to have balance or obsession as a writer.

Dan explains why he doesn’t believe in balance, but obsession, and discusses firm schedules and accountability. Whereas I propose a three-part planning system that takes account of processing, promotion as well as production.

In this week’s Inspirational Indie Author Podcast, Howard Lovey interviews inspirational self-published author Maggie Lynch about women in science fiction.

Scams are an unfortunate part of every industry and it seems as though scams are becoming more and more frequent. ALLi author member Stephen Bentley shows us how to spot and avoid author scams.

And finally, in Dan Holloway’s regular indie author news round-up this week, he’s looking at the bright future of subscription reading; expanded KDP reports; Kindle finally supporting Chinese; and asks, are Instagram’s algorithms killing instapoetry?

Lots to learn and ponder, as ever.


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