Creative Self-Publishing: Latest News and Advice | 2019 Week 19

This week’s highlights: In our monthly advanced Salon, Joanna Penn and I discuss how to scale your author income without burnout; Debbie Young explains why indie authors need to drive readers into bookstores and, as ever, Dan Holloway has all the latest self-publishing news from around the indie author houses.

Self-Publishing Advice

Is your manuscript in need of substantive editing, developmental editing, copy-editing, or line editing? When is it ready for a proofread? Do you know what any of that means?

If you’re at all confused by editing, ALLi partner member Richard Bradburn of is here to help, demystifying the terms in his inimitable way in Understanding the Basics of Editing Terminology.

I am totally missing having Debbie Young about, as she steps back from her role as ALLi blog editor and am happy to say she’ll still be contributing, in all sorts of ways. This week she brings us Book Distribution: Why You Need to Drive Readers into Bookstores

Debbie is, of course, author of the ALLi Guidebook How to Get Your Self-published Book into Bookstores. She’s got the inside story.

With book marketing consistently ranked as one of the top challenges for our members, you might wonder whether paying to participate in book fairs is worth the money and the effort? Indie author and ALLi member Sue Rovens provides recommended dos and don’ts for a successful book fair, based on her personal experience.

And you can find another opinion in our book How Authors Sell Publishing Rights

And in this month’s AskALLi Advanced Self-Publishing Salon, Joanna Penn and I talk about how to scale your author income without burnout.

Topics discussed include:

  • What you really want
  • Diversity of products
  • Multiple streams of income
  • How to build positive routines
  • Tools and teams

In this month’s Inspirational Indie Author Podcast, Howard Lovey interviews Susan Grossey about money, crime, and human nature.

ALLi Watchdog John Doppler is on the case, as ever. This month anti-piracy site Blasty is in his sights, and he brings to light their unauthorised charges and customer service failures here: Watchdog Advisory: Blasty.

And finally, in Dan Holloway’s regular indie author news round-up this week, he’s looking at tackling plagiarism; searching the creative commons; new markets and how Microsoft’s AI wants to help you write better.

Lots to learn and ponder, as ever.


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