Creative Self-Publishing: Latest News and Advice | 2019 Week 15

Welcome to the creative self-publishing roundup: 2019 Week 15. This week, among other things, ALLi’s Author Advice Center Manager, Debbie Young shares 3 Practical Top Tips to Help Turn Your Book Idea into Reality. Debbie and I have worked closely together for six years. Now she’s stepping away from her role as ALLi’s Self-publishing Advice Center Manager to focus on her writing and publishing. It’s mixed feelings for me: so glad for her, so sad for ALLi… and me! (see below).

Copyright is a contentious issue for all publishers, including self-publishing authors. ALLi is intensifying its campaigning on this important topic from authors by drawing up a Bill of Rights (Copyright).

A hotly-contested EU Copyright Directive has seen millions of Internet users uniting online, and on the streets, to demand their right to an Internet that is free to communicate without algorithmic censors or arbitrary licensing requirements.

creative self-publishing roundup: 2019 Week 15

The Directive saw three large competing interests standing up to each other. 1. Big Tech: publishing platforms like Facebook and Google. 2. Big Content: global media corporations like Penguin Random House and News International and 3) Big Legal: The legislative arm of the EU.

In all of this, the needs and concerns of the individual, independent, self-publishing author are largely lost.

We are gathering information, ideas and stray thoughts from members, advisors and experts as we formulate a Bill of Rights (copyright) for independent authors.

If you have an opinion or idea to share, please send to (deadline April 15th)

Self-Publishing Advice

With audiobook sales on the rise, indie authors are wondering whether — and how — to create audio versions of their self-published books. Audiobook Director, Gordon Rothman explains all in An Author’s Guide to Narrating Your Audiobook.

In How to Set Up Automated Emails for Reader Magnets, Rachel McCollin makes the case that a little automation is a good thing as she takes us through a step-by-step process to set up automated emails delivering your reader magnets using Mailchimp and Bookfunnel, so you never have to lift a finger again.

In this month’s Advanced Self-Publishing Salon, Joanna Penn and I talked about our lessons learned at The London Book Fair and the key takeaways this year for indie authors:

  • How it felt to be the first indie author to headline at London Book Fair and read poetry there
  • the rise and rise of audiobooks
  • “Going wide” as an indie author.
  • ALLi’s online Self-publishing Advice Conference

In this post I try to do justice to Debbie, but delighted that she’ll still be around as ALLi’s UK Ambassador and Advisor. New Horizons for Debbie Young, wonderful colleague, lovely writer, outstanding human being and dear friend.

And finally, in Dan Holloway’s regular indie author news round-up this week, he’s looking at a campaign against piracy; new consumer trendsand the latest figures and platform news from Storytel, Amazon Bundles and Brands, and Scribd.


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