Take A Creative Rest.

Success in any creative endeavour comes through action but also, less obviously, through rest.

images-38Writers and artists know this better than most — we're the only ones who are allowed to spend an hour staring out the window and call it work.

And every performance art has its caesura, the pause of stillness that reveals the action's essential significance.

Conventional intelligence  gets things done but often completely undervalues the creative power of the pause.

In consumer culture, “time is money” and, by implication, must be filled with activity.

This attitude, together with technology, means that more and more people are spending less and less time easing off, slowing down and resting up.

So much so that apparently we now need rest gurus to teach us how to do what should come naturally.

Writer and activist  Matt Carmichael has identified seven forms of tiredness afflicting us — individually and as a society:

  • Sleepiness, physical tiredness (Solution: Sleep)
  • Fatigue, tiredness of activity (Solution: downtime)
  • Ennui, tiredness of stasis (Solution: play, sex, fun)
  • Satiation, tiredness of consumption (Solution: sacrifice)
  • Despair, tiredness of expectation (Solution: compassion)
  • Disillusion, tiredness of faith  (Solution: deep learning)
  • Stress, tiredness of frustration (Solution: meditation).

You can read the full article HERE.

F-r-e-e-write This

  • Which form of tiredness is coming between you and your creative capacity?
    How are you going to refresh yourself?

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