2018 Week 9: Day of Creative Rest with Tanis Fishman

For a creative, or creative entrepreneur, rest isn’t a break from the process. It is the process.

So around here, we start each week with day of deliberate creative rest… A day to switch off. Lie low. Be present. Let go.

For me, that day is Sunday. Maybe that doesn’t suit you but one day out of seven, have a lazy day. All your projects and people will benefit, and none more than you.

Each Sunday I link to a teacher who specializes in creative rest. This week it’s Tanis Fishman, who specializes in yoga nidra (yogic sleep), a form of deep relaxation that cultivates consciousness of the stage between waking and sleeping.

“Yoga Nidra is a practice and a state of consciousness,” says the great Tanis, my favorite yoga nidra teacher. “There is a beautiful moment when your awareness can move inward and hold focus on its own presence. Being a witness of arising experience instead of identifying with what is arising.”

Yoga Nidra encourages that state, which we know around here as the most powerful create-state.

You can download one of Tanis’s yoga nidra meditations here.


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