Creative Publishing: Highlights from the Alliance of Independent Authors Self-Publishing Advice Blog

Self Publishing Advice centreEvery Tuesday, I bring you the Self-Publishing Advice Blog highlights of the past seven days.

This week, our intrepid news editor, Dan Holloway’s, news round-up included the latest offering from Pronoun and IPR; news of Reedsy’s collaboration with Blurb, KDP’s new dashboard format, and the latest audiobook demographic info.

Joanna Penn and I had our monthly Self Publishing Salon. This week we covered:

  • Money and Creativity
  • Where Readers Convene
  • Amazon Buy Button
  • KDP Categories
  • The upcoming Dublin Writer’s Conference
  • Joanna’s end of year books sales

And more. Catch up here.

Richard Lowe explains the role of professional networking for self-publishers in his post, What Smart Indie Authors Know About Local Networking, reminding us of the value in making connections offline as well.

And finally, Emily Benet tells us why she Swapped the Traditional Publishing Dream to Self-Publish.

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