Creative Profit, Creative Passion: Monday Motivator Week 39, 2019

Our theme for creative flow practice this week will be: Creative Profit, Creative Passion. Join us for morning meditation and f-r-e-e-writing practice here.

Are you looking forward to the creative week ahead? Below I map my creative intentions for my author business for this week (Week 39 Q3 2019), under the hats a creative entrepreneur must wear: maker, manager, marketer. Do you know yours? Join us here to map your creative week

Creative Profit, Creative Passion: Your Profit Filter

When we set out to do creative work, we work from both profit and passion motive.

Profit is not just financial, though it can very much be that. So many creatives dream of being rich through their work, or of other kinds of profit and reward: the bestselling novel, the classy clients who shower you with generous fees, the speaker gig with queues around the corner. For a creative, reward comes not just in monetary terms but also (and for primarily) in the form of acknowledgment, recognition, influence, impact.

We can spend a lot of time dreaming about our chat-show appearances or charity foundations.

All good. Dreams can become desires which become intentions which become job done! That’s the process of conscious creation.

These outer rewards of our work, our financial and personal profit motives, are drivers. A source of energy for us.

But not the most powerful source.

Creative Profit, Creative Passion: Your Passion Filter

If we’re only operating from profit motives, personal or financial, we’ll soon find ourselves feeling harassed or discouraged, resistant or blocked. Sooner or later, those profit intentions pull us out of present-focussed enjoyment, into future-focussed outcomes.

Balancing that, setting us free from that, are our inner motives. The part of our creative intentions that is passion based.

Our love for what we do. The feelings of freedom and lightness we get when we sink into the actual activity itself.

This is one of the reasons we do flow practice, because it connects us to those inner, qualities and to what we are doing today, here, now.

How does the balance of profit (outer) and passion (inner) work for you? Do you need to lighten up and connect again with your passion? Has profit motive–financial or personal–been a positive force in your creative life? I love to hear from you, drop me a line in the guestbook, or through the contact form.

Till next Monday, have a great week.

And don’t forget to go creative!

Mapping Creative Intentions Week 39, 2019

In our Go Creative! in Business group, each Monday we outline our creative intentions to each other. And then we follow up on a Saturday with what we’ve actually accomplished during the week. What’s unique about our group is that our report is given under the three hats a creative entrepreneur must wear: that of Maker (who produces), Manager (who processes) and Maximizer (who promotes). Join the group to map your intentions and log your accomplishments.

Creative Profit, Creative Passion

Here are my intentions for the coming week:

  • MAKER: Continuing with Creative Self-Publishing. Past the murky middle.
  • MANAGER: Sarah is back from holidays and we have some books tidy-ups to do.
  • MARKETER: Further work on Amazon ads. Finalize the social media strategy for the last quarter with Kayleigh.

That’s what I’ll be up to in my author business. What about you? What will you be producing, processing or promoting this week?

Do pop over to our Go Creative! in Business Facebook group, where we support and motivate each other. It’s completely free, there’s no selling or self-promotion, and you can leave anytime if it isn’t the right fit for you. You’ve nothing to lose and it may be just the creative boost you need.

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