The Creative Power of Praise: Monday Motivator Week 40, 2019

Our theme for creative flow practice this week is: The Creative Power of Praise. Join us for morning meditation and f-r-e-e-writing practice here.

Are you looking forward to the creative week ahead? Below I map my creative intentions for my author business for this week (Week 40 Q3 2019), under the hats a creative entrepreneur must wear: maker, manager, marketer. Have you decided on your intentions for this week yet? Join us here to map your creative week.

The Creative Power of Praise

One of my favorite poems is Auden’s “In Memory of WB Yeats”, for a thousand reasons but probably most of all for its last line: “In the prison of his days/Teach the free man how to praise”.

Leaving aside the gender laden personal noun and pronoun, it’s a beautiful line that sums up the experience of human life. We are bound and we are free, and the key to experiencing that freedom, Auden says in no uncertain terms, is praise.

Life is full of praise. Parents praise their children, and grandparents even more. Good teachers praise their students, and coaches their teams. Then there is the praise of followers and fans. The roar when their team scores a goal, the bravos when the diva comes out for her encore.

We praise what we value. We praise what we love.

And we cannot praise what we fail to notice.

This is the creative sense in which Auden means the word. It isn’t just cheering on our team or tribe, or clapping our hands at virtuosity, or telling someone they look well. This is the surface level, the tip of the praise iceberg. Underneath is the perception.

His poem is about the power of poetry and he is talking about the importance of feeling, and expressing, the joy of being.

The Enemy of Praise is Habit

In fact, the brain uses the same neural circuits for both perception and imagination. When we truly perceive something, we experience it, fully.

We see the beauty of its truth, whether it’s conventionally beautiful or not.

Praise ensues.

When we go about our business in rote, habitual way, we cut ourselves off from praise. Ditto when we are hard on ourselves or our work, always noticing the flaws, failing to see what’s working well.

Consciously working on deep perception and creative praise can revolutionize our work. That’s what we’ll be exploring in flow practice this week. Deepening, perceiving, enjoying, praising.

Are there areas of your creative business that need such perception, imagination, and consequent praise?

Come explore them with us in creative flow practice.


Mapping Creative Intentions Week 40, 2019

In our Go Creative! in Business group, each Monday we outline our creative intentions to each other. And then we follow up on a Saturday with what we’ve actually accomplished during the week. What’s unique about our group is that our report is given under the three hats a creative entrepreneur must wear: that of Maker (who produces), Manager (who processes) and Maximizer (who promotes). Join the group to map your intentions and log your accomplishments.

Creative Profit, Creative Passion

Here are my intentions for the coming week:

  • MAKER: More chapters of Creative Self-Publishing
  • MANAGER: My accountant is bugging me for my tax information, asking me not to leave it to the last minute this year. As part of my efforts to be a better manager, I’m going to surprise him!
  • MARKETER: Amazon ads on my poetry books

That’s what I’ll be up to in my author business. What about you? What will you be producing, processing or promoting this week?

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